Bonners' Fairy

Book One



So far, life has been pretty ordinary and dull for fifteen-year-old twins Haley and Henry Miles. But after their father purchases a large estate in northwestern Idaho, they are thrilled to begin a new adventure in the mountains. Little do they know that their lives are about to change forever.


As soon as Haley and Henry are introduced to the diverse group of mysterious characters that inhabit the small town of Bonners Ferry, they learn of a tragedy hundreds of years ago that spawned the kind of legend that has always kept the locals wary and suspicious. It is not long before the twins stumble upon a map and an unusual key that leads them through a portal to another time, and a world filled with mystical creatures.


As a princess pleas with the teens to rescue an innocent family from a fate worse than death, they soon uncover not only the secrets of the past, but also the mission of evil beings determined to win at all cost.


In a world filled with magic, wonder and beauty, Haley and Henry must abandon their childlike innocence and demonstrate to everyone all the ways humans can overcome seemingly impossible odds.


A New Kind of Battle

Book Two


It has been a while since teenage twins Haley and Henry Miles moved to the Bonner homestead in Idaho, stumbled onto a map and key, and discovered a portal into another world filled with fairies, magic, and danger that eventually led them to uncover the mystery behind a long held legend.


Now fairy Princess Sersha is trapped on the wrong side of the portal and her brother, Prince Valian, is injured and unable to leave the city of Roan.


After the twins are visited by Estelle, a witch, who tells them they must protect Princess Sersha at all costs, the four return to Roan through her postern. As soon as they arrive at Hilda’s brick cottage, the twins learn that Prince Valian is healing, but that the land of Wisen has been overrun by strange occurrences. Its creatures are going berserk and fights are abundant.


As they begin to investigate, Haley discovers she is competing with Prince Valian’s callous nurse for his attention, even while she is being pursued by a dark, handsome sorcerer. Worse yet, now Queen Lilia has disappeared. 


As the famous foursome split up in search of the missing queen, they are forced to embark on a journey into unknown territory as love, jealously, rage, and humor leave their mark upon the fairies.


Mischief and Mayham

Book Three


Odd things have been happening lately that have put Haley Miles on edge. She and her twin brother, Henry, have strict orders from her fiancée, Valian, to wait on the other side of the fairy world of Roan until he returns for them. But it has been more than a week without any news, and Queen Lilia is still missing. Haley is growing more anxious by the day.


After Haley and her witch friend, Estelle, discover a strange footprint inside their home, they decide to ignore Valian’s command and enter the postern to learn the identity of the intruder.


As the women find their way into a pub inside Roan, they meet up with a cloaked stranger who is wearing the Obsidian stone around his neck-a tool used by an evil being known for relentlessly torturing fairies.


The dark power of the stone is evident everywhere. Now it is up to Haley and her extended family to figure out how to defeat the wicked beast and destroy the stone, before it is too late.


In the continuing saga that surrounds the magical creatures of Bonners Ferry, Haley must keep her wits about her-even as she is confronted by tree trolls, a banshee, and a temptress’s spell. But even Haley knows that things are not always as they seem, especially in the land of fairies.


Sailing toward Destiny

Book Four


Haley and Henry Miles-teenage twins gifted with special fairy powers-are about to embark on another mission. As they set sail into unfamiliar waters they have one goal: bring back the head of Medusa, the only weapon believed to be able to defeat an evil being threatening to rule the human world.


Once their mission is accomplished, Haley and Prince Valian will be able to marry. But Haley, who has been plagued by bad dreams since the ship left port, fears the worst.


As the ship docks in Medusa’s world, Haley learns that it is her destiny to fight Medusa to the death. Driven by her newfound purpose, Haley shuns her fear and, without knowing if Medusa is alive or dead, heads with her crew to find the monster’s sanctuary. But when they finally confront an angry Medusa, Haley soon realizes that the battle for their cherished prize will be more challenging than she ever imagined-and that her beloved Valian has a powerful gift that even he did not know he had.


In the ever-changing magical land of fairies, Haley, Henry, and their entire crew are about to discover that evil is never conquered as easily as one hopes.



Secrets and Spies

Book Five


Haley Steel’s dreams are finally coming true. Now married to the handsome fairy King Valian, she can hardly wait to begin her new life as queen of the Woodland realm. But just as the newlyweds are ready to depart for their honeymoon, urgent news arrives that the evil entity Molock the Merciless and its army are on the move, preparing to destroy the Manwan fairies.


Forced to evacuate the city, the royal couple sends Roan’s citizens through a portal to the human side for protection while they set out to meet the enemy, disguised as vagabonds with a small band of guardians and witches.


As the group ventures toward the unknown and discovers new allies, Haley’s twin, Henry, and his fiancée fairy princes Sersha, remain behind in the small town of Bonners Ferry, Idaho. Their desire is simple: to blend in on the human side and find purpose in their new environment. But Bonners Ferry may not be as safe as they think.


In this continuing fantasy series, humans and fairies are tested once more as they must learn to coexist and trust each other in a strange new world.

Curse of a Blue Moon

Book Six


King Valian and his new bride, Queen Haley, have returned to Bonners’ Ferry without seeing battle. Molock’s army is defiant and scattered. The royal couple is grateful to be home and none too soon; they are expecting their first child.


Bonners’ Ferry has become a bustling little community. The resort is almost finished and the hotel is at full capacity.  While some of the fairies want to return to Roan, half decide to remain and settle into their roles as citizens, their identities shrouded from the humans.


As Carol takes the fairies to the Miles estate to return home, they are suddenly pursued by the police, in a race to reveal their true identities. Quick thinking on Valian’s part helps them escape discovery.


Joy surrounds the family with the arrival of Prince Sorcerer, Maximillion, and Tilly’s son, Bill, which helps Haley prepare for the birth of her own child.


With all the excitement and preparations for the arrival of the royal baby, no one could foresee the strange phenomena that would occur on the eve of its birth, a blue moon in the night sky, which according to legend, marked a wondrous or a foreboding event.


Caroline Belle is the spitting image of her father. The king and queen settle into family life but their happiness takes a turn for the worse. Haley must face her worst fear, coming face to face with Molock the Merciless. 


Caroline Belle

Book Seven

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