Elizabeth Rymer Patterson


I grew up in the countryside with a woods as my back yard, spending every minute climbing trees, walking down animal made paths, wondering what was over the next hill. Exploring became my passion.


It was the beginning of learning about the quiet world around me, watching the chipmunks and squirrels, examining the different bugs that lived in my woods, and the fascination for watching the birds, butterflies, bees, and dragonflies flit here and there without a care in the world. 


They were free, to go wherever they were drawn and I wanted the same thing. To go where they were going. I can fly in my dreams, and that is where my journey into the fairy world began, my journey to Bonners' Fairy.








Bonners' Fairy, The Legend Begins - Book 1

A New Kind of Battle - Book 2

Mischief and Mayhem - Book 3

Sailing Toward Destiny - Book 4

Secrets and Spies - Book 5

Curse of a Blue Moon - Book 6

Coming soon; Caroline Belle - Book 7

Trish Beaulieu, Literary Agent


"I grew up in Maine, where winters were long and cold. What was a girl to do but dive into book after book after book. The Nancy Drew series was a favorite. I loved the stories, the mystery and investigative nature, and the fact that Nancy Drew was doing something not normally done by girls. She was a great inspiration to me.

My passion for great stories grew as I explored the world of radio, public relations, and marketing, while mastering the art of editing and copywriting. I made it my mission to learn every aspect of the storytelling process.

My love of a great story, tenacity, marketing eye, years of experience, and commitment to helping others see their dreams come to fruition brings me to where I am today.

Additionally, when my nose isn't buried in a book, I might spend my free time exploring new places, trying out new recipes in the kitchen, playing golf, going sailing, or pursuing other hobbies and interests that fuel my passion for life and adventure."


Juliette Burns, Fantasy Fairy Photos


It's weird, cause as kids, we are always told how creative we are but we don't put a whole lot of weight on compliments from friends and family. I do not think most artist had intended to be artist on career day. I got my degree in history and had planned on being the next Indiana Jones. History and literature were the only subjects I truly liked in school, mostly, because I love stories. I would often day dream and have an imaginary filing system in my head of which story I would continue to add to that day. I had heroes and villains for every issue in my life. Although, the majority of my stories were fantasy or scifi, they all very much mirrored my life one way or another. Perhaps the hero was confident where I wasn't or stronger than I could be or maybe the villain was evil where at times I wish I could fight without my moral compass. I have spent my whole life with these stories. Well, I didn't become Indiana Jones. Instead I fell in-love right out of high school, finished college with my history degree and made a home with marriage and a family.Still got to travel the world and write up stories but for kids instead of for museums or text books. I wouldn't trade it for the world though, my kids have blessed my life in a way no career ever could.


Heather V. Ackley  RE/MAX Alliance Group


I'm here to listen and help you discover the "Florida Lifestyle" that you have been dreaming about! What does your next chapter look like?


I was blessed to be raised in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands surrounded by a supportive and hard-working entrepreneurial family. I worked closely with my parents to build many local businesses ranging from telecommunications, internet, radio, restaurants, retail and a marina! I learned many cross-functional skills as well as to live a life of continuous improvement.


After Hurricane Hugo in 1989 destroyed our family home and businesses, I learned first-hand the value of resilience. I pull strength from this extraordinary life experience during your home buying and selling process. I simply solve problems and don't whine about it.


After graduating the University of Virginia with a B.S. in Commerce & Marketing, I worked with local Sarasota/Lakewood Ranch homebuilders in their Design Center learning all the parts of the home. I transitioned to new home sales in Lakewood Ranch with a national homebuilder. I did explore a Fortune 500 career experience as a "Project Manager",...but ultimately decided to go back to my roots in small business. I love personally helping and improving the lives of others.


I have a long list of team players here in the Sarasota-Manatee-Charlotte County area to help get you settled in, healthy and living your best life! Whether you are upsizing,...downsizing,...or right-sizing,...I strive to deliver you an A++ Buying or Selling experience. I look forward to learning more about you and your family and helping you find your slice of our Gulf coast paradise!

David Patterson


David Patterson has worked with some of the biggest names in the music and movie industry over the last 21 years, from Sammy Hagar, Jenny McCarthy, Kevin Costner, the Nelson twins, Jose Feliciano, and Abbacadabra, just to name a few.


He also is a certified Fusion Liaison Officer and Terrorism Liaison Officer (FLO/TLO). Before retirement, he was an individual who served as the point of contact for law enforcement and public safety agencies, and within the private sector in matters related to terrorism, criminal information and intelligence.  


David has real talent in marketing, web design and legal issues for his wife, Author, Elizabeth Rymer Patterson and also serves as her private security. David recently retired and has relocated to Florida.

When he isn’t busy with all that, he finds time to schedule all of Elizabeth’s book signings and designs all of her marketing materials.

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