Bonners' Fairy Bonners' Fairy Book Series
Bonners' FairyBonners' Fairy Book Series

Elizabeth A. Patterson

Elizabeth Patterson recently retired from working in Public Service and now resides in Florida. She is married, with three step sons, and two dogs. She began writing the Bonners' Fairy Series in 2011 and is currently writing her seventh book. Her imaginative spirit began as a young child, growing up in the Wisconsin countryside and continues today just as strong. 






Bonners' Fairy (Bonners' Fairy Series Book 1)

A New Kind of Battle (Bonners' Fairy Series Book 2)

Mischief and Mayhem (Bonners' Fairy Series Book 3)

Sailing toward Destiny (Bonners' Fairy Series Book 4)

Secrets and Spies (Bonners' Fairy Series Book 5)

Curse of a Blue Moon (Bonners' Fairy Series Book 6)


Coming soon; Caroline Bell (Bonners' Fairy Series Book 7)

Jennifer Oneal Gunn, Freelance Editor

Jennifer Oneal Gunn was born January 2, 1979 in Carthage, Missouri, to parents who would end up the parents of three children. At an early age, she started learning and knowing her imagination. It was evident, there was always something inside her, waiting to get out. Today, a single mother of two, Jennifer writes in a plethora of different genres; from nightmare-inducing horror to feminine poetry. She's studied the art of writing since she was fourteen. She also uses her passion for reading in her career as a freelance editor, formatter, and cover art designer. Recently, Jennifer has also given way to her artistic side. She illustrates children’s books sometimes, too.



Mystik Legends 

Devil's In The Details- Reboot  

Fire, Ice & Blood-The Story Of Jake And Holly Book 1(Revenging The Evil Series) 

The Heart Of A Woman (Poetry)  

Squishy Face And The Moon (Children’s)  


Some Free Reads On My Website


Titles I've Edited: 

Oh, Deer! 

Forced Fantasies 

Mister Mistletoe 

Love, Creativity & Magick: A Steampunk Valentine's Day Tale 

Something Fresh Served Hot 

Time to Make the Donuts 

Seeing Red 

Campus Sexploits 

Doing the Naughty List Twice 

Spontaneous Liaisons 

Everett Holmes Case of the Forged Fingerprint Killer 

Cold Crazy 

Cold Serial 


A Million Wishes (Formats for Smashwords) 

Pugs First Visit to the Park (Print) 

Re-release of Everett Holmes Case of the Forged Fingerprint Killer (Kindle and Print)

Everett Holmes Sanctuary of the Damned (Kindle and Print) 

Clothesline Blues (Print, Kindle, Nook, Smashwords) 

Mystik Legends 

Mystik Legends: An Evolution 

Fire, Ice, & Blood-The Story of Jake and Holly Book I 

Devil's in the Details- Reboot 

The Heart of a Woman 

Reach for the Stars! 

The Untold Chronicles of a School Teacher 

A Hero's Journey 

Three Wolves 


Beautiful Monsters 

A Traveler's Soliloquies 

Dancing with Hector: Letters from a Cracked Head 

Amazing Grace

Squishy Face and the Moon


Currently working on: 

Bonners' Fairy- Bonners' Fairy Series Book 1 

Mechanical Dragons- Fire and Water

Arising From Darkness- The Riftrider's Return Book 1


Jennifer Oneal Gunn 

Freelance Editor

David Patterson

David Patterson has worked with some of the biggest names in the music and movie industry over the last 21 years, from Sammy Hagar, Jenny McCarthy, Kevin Costner, the Nelson twins, Jose Feliciano, and Abbacadabra, just to name a few. He also is a certified Fusion Liaison and Terrorism Liaison Officer (FLO/TLO), and is an individual who serves as the point of contact for law enforcement and public safety agencies, and within the private sector in matters related to terrorism, criminal information and intelligence.  David has real talent in marketing, web design and legal issues for his wife, Author, Elizabeth Patterson and also serves as her private security. David recently retired and has relocated to Florida.

When he isn’t busy with all that, he finds time to schedule all of Elizabeth’s book signings and designs all of her marketing materials.

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