Bonners' Fairy Book Series
Bonners' Fairy Book Series

King Valian and his new bride, Queen Haley, have returned to Bonners’ Ferry without seeing battle. Molock’s army is defiant and scattered. The royal couple is grateful to be home and none too soon; they are expecting their first child.


Bonners’ Ferry has become a bustling little community. The resort is almost finished and the hotel is at full capacity.  While some of the fairies want to return to Roan, half decide to remain and settle into their roles as citizens, their identities shrouded from the humans.


As Carol takes the fairies to the Miles estate to return home, they are suddenly pursued by the police, in a race to reveal their true identities. Quick thinking on Valian’s part helps them escape discovery.


Joy surrounds the family with the arrival of Sorcerer Maximillion and Tilly’s son, Bill, which helps Haley prepare for the birth of her own child.


With all the excitement and preparations for the arrival of the royal baby, no one could foresee the strange phenomena that would occur on the eve of its birth, a blue moon in the night sky, which according to legend, marked a wondrous or a foreboding event.


Caroline Belle is the spitting image of her father. The king and queen settle into family life but their happiness takes a turn for the worse. Haley must face her worst fear, coming face to face with Molock the Merciless.

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