Bonners' Fairy Book Series
Bonners' Fairy Book Series

Odd things have been happening lately that have put Haley Miles on edge. She and her twin brother, Henry, have strict orders from her fiancée, Valian, to wait on the other side of the fairy world of Roan until he returns for them. But it has been more than a week without any news, and Queen Lilia is still missing. Haley is growing more anxious by the day.

After Haley and her witch friend, Estelle, discover a strange footprint inside their home, they decide to ignore Valian's command and enter the postern to learn the identity of the intruder. As the women find their way into a pub inside Roan, they meet up with a cloaked stranger who is wearing the Obsidian stone around his neck—a tool used by an evil being known for relentlessly torturing fairies. The dark power of the stone is evident everywhere. Now it is up to Haley and her extended family to figure out how to defeat the wicked beast and destroy the stone, before it is too late.

In the continuing saga that surrounds the magical creatures of Bonners Ferry, Haley must keep her wits about her—even as she is confronted by tree trolls, a banshee, and a temptress's spell. But even Haley knows that things are not always as they seem, especially in the land of fairies.

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